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We aim to provide our users with medicine at their Doorsteps. Timely Reminder of Doses and a Facility to Record all your Health Events to analyze your health Better.


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Why Order Online?

Why Order Online?

Health Arena help users to Order Medicines from there Preferred Pharmacy in the city at Their Fingertips

Is Ordering through our Portal Safe?

- Yes, as the orders are processed by trusted Pharmacies of your choice.

Medicines delivered to you are genuine.Also the delivery Boys from our side take all the necessary Precautions the ongoing Pandemic.

Upload your Prescription

Mention the quantity of Medicines from the Prescription

Select your address

Select the pharmacy and delivery option

Place your order

Your order will be delivered within 24 hours or based on your delivery option

We Deliver in as Minimum time as possible.If ordered before 6pm IST, we shall be ideally delivering the medicines over to you in less than 4 hours.

We try our best to get you the medicines before 1 hour, but in case there are any delays, we shall be able to deliver you in maximum of 4 hours of time.

Pill Reminder

Reminder System is designed to be flexible and can be used as per users will.

Easy and Hassle free process to set the Reminders

Never miss your medicines using our efficient pill reminder system.

Set the reminders for entire day, month and week all at-once

Get the list of missed doses to analyse effect of them on health

Reminders can also be smartly used for daily activities like water reminder which helps make sure adequate water quantity is consumed...

Pill Reminder

Record Your Health Events

Health Events that occur from time to time can be better managed if they are recorded.It allows any individual to understand their health better.

Proper analysis of health records will help any individual to keep distant from unhealthy Habits.

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Data Security

We take Data Security very seriously. All your medical records are saved with us in a highly encrypted format and protected against any Privacy Breach. Please refer to our privacy Policy to understand it better. Privacy & Policy

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